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September 27, 2012

The Store - No More

Okay, I've given up on the Internet store business.  I only have had one sale in all these many months and that sale was a disaster!  Thank heavens I mailed, at my own expense, the item FedEx ground.  The new trend is to buy something, and dispute the validity of the charge.  Had I not mailed it the way I did I would be out over $100.  Small change to some but a large amount to me! 

So I'll just focus on the longarming side of the house (which really takes up almost the whole side of the house) for now. 

Order "wheel shims" for the Innova, surprise they are specialty washers!  Installed them and they have been helping with the vibration.  I haven't finished anything new while waiting for the "wheels".  But I have a cute Amy Bradley, Halloween quilt on the frame.  I just finished a retirement quilt but can't post pictures yet.

This is the quilt I made with friends for Nova's retirement.  I quilted it with a water pattern to fit with the fish.  This sure was a fun pattern to make it's made with the Lazy Angle.

Take Care.

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  1. Oh Patti so sorry to hear your transaction was a disaster... I am sorry. Funny thing I was looking for the store to see what you had I could not live without... LOL. I also see you must be Yvonne's personal quilter since I see several of hers on your blog... Keep on Quilting you are doing great work...