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April 3, 2015


Pat asked me to quilt her Suburb's quilt like the shop quilt.  She bought the kit on a trip to California, the fabric is Subway by Tim Holtz and Grunge by Basic Grey.  I don't have a full picture of the quilt but the pattern is by Cluck Cluck Sew.  I do have plans to make one of these in Halloween fabrics!

Clouds in the sky and a fence between the houses.  I can't take credit for any of the quilting, Pat had photos for me to use.  I wish I could give credit to the person who quilted the sample....

Made templates out of a $2 package of children's watercolor paper I bought at Target.  It worked out perfect.

On the darker fabrics I used my chalk marker, the rest I used air erasable purple marker.

Dog house between the trees.

 Anyway, that's it for now.

April 1, 2015


Last year I asked my Mom to make a Labyrinth quilt so I could practice the custom quilting with my Autopilot. She has macular degeneration and says she sews by braille.  I think she did a fantastic job piecing it together.  The fabric is Stonehenge.  The majority of designs are from Wasatch Quilting.

This quilt is going to my daughter.

 Finally was able to experiment with those p2p designs (cream area).  How easy it was to use it once I watched Renae Haddadin's video.  Autopilot resized the designs to fit in the space perfectly.  The design in the center star was one piece.
I used So fine 403 in the bobbin for all and 403, 424, 425 and King Tut 976 on the top.

Love those Red Snappers!  
The outside border.  This design was from Krakerquilting and was included with the last Autopilot update.  I really like how it went with the other designs.

 At the park by my house.  The stones on the path really matched the quilt.

Also, I need to sew the binding on still.  Hoping Mom still has some of the dark brown left......
 The back

It's difficult to see any of the quilting. I used different colors of thread on the top but stayed with the So Fine 403 in the bobbin.

This was a very productive practice time.  

January 1, 2015

Happy New Year 2015

Happy New Year to All!

Is it resolution time again?  Didn't I just do that?  Yes and yes.

The quilting resolutions continue almost weekly.  No signing up for anymore block of the month's, then a cute one is e-mailed out and I'm a sucker.  I'm really going to try hard not to do anymore this year.  Currently, I am receiving Aunt Ruthie's Farm Stand and Sweet and Simple.

Aunt Ruthie's Farm Stand is by Crabapple Hill

Aunt Ruthie's Farm Stand Free Pattern (free pattern)

So far I've received 4 monthly blocks, 2 borders, pinwheels and churn dashes. Decided to use my Electric Quilt and make paper pieced patters for the borders. As soon as I print those out I will get started.  The panel to embroider is already pre-colored.  That comes later in the program.  This quilt is designated for my sweet little Casita travel trailer (that I will get someday).

My other is Sweet and Simple by Timeless Traditions.

Each month comes with 2 blocks so again I have 4 blocks to make and haven't done any.  I did make a container and label it though!

My firm quilting resolutions are these:

1) Finish my Hallowe'en 1904.  There are just 5 blocks left and the border.  I want to have this quilted and bound and on my bed for the month of October.

2) Libertyville.  Just the border is left, however the border has swags and rouched flowers.  Initially I thought I had misplaced my border fabric but upon re-examination, it was in the container.  This quilt is for my DD.

3) Farmer's Wife.  The blocks are finished, the sashing, cornerstones and setting triangles are cut all I need to do is sew it together.

That's it for now.  Again Happy New Year.

December 31, 2014

Women of Grace and Charm - Star in the Window

This is Joan's quilt. She decided to go with an all over pattern called Wholelotta Feathers.  It is a great design and looks perfect on her quilt.  Several people in our quilting group have made this quilt and I think I'm the only one who doesn't have it quilted.  I'm thinking about it just can't decided.

The quilt is from the book Women of Grace and Charm by Blackbird Designs.

May 26, 2014

Longarming for June

It's been awhile since I posted any quilting pictures.  This is June's quilt.  It was made with bright batiks and she wanted the Double Trouble Bubble panto.  I used a variegated thread on top and a solid purple on the back.

 When I got to the bottom the quilt squared up perfectly, no easing in or adjusting at all.  Wow!
 The back, so cute!
 All packaged and ready to deliver.  

May 8, 2014

Hallowe'en 1904

I've been working on this project for years and years, sometimes I think I started it in 1904!  After a rough start with the stars, I took some good advice from Suzy and made the stars wider at the points.  This has given me the extra stick-to-it-ness that I needed.  Here are a few of the blocks, they are appliqued with the Sharon's Secret Foundation paper.  None of this pictures show the applique stitched down but I'm using Wonderfil and Monopoly.

Each one of the blocks uses 24 half square triangles.  I'm using the Thangles and am very happy.

Of course I used my trusty and handy dandy Bloc Loc ruler.  Love them all!

I saw on another blog the quilter added an owl, decided I really liked that idea.  At first there was just the owl and branch, the moon really helps complete the block.

Here is a close up of the eyes, I just fussy cut around the flowers now they really stand out.

I then decided to add the cat.  The fabric I used I've had for a number of years and was saving for just the right project.  This was it.  The vine isn't added yet.

Laid them across the long arm to get an idea of what was already made so I could progress.  Really hoping to have this finished by this Halloween.

April 30, 2014

Batik Quilt

I made this quilt a few years ago and it's been patiently waiting to be quilted.  It is going to be for a dear friend who retired a few years after I did.  She is of Irish descent hence the Celtic designs.  There is still a lot to do on it but here is a preview.

I used a double batting, Hobbs 80/20 and wool.  First SID around all the rows.

 In the outside borders I put the friendship knots. All of the knots are done with the aid of the computer, everything else is free hand.

 After I finished the row I did an outline around the designs.  The side closest to the quilt has straight line stitching.

 Then I went back and did a free motion leave pattern.
The large green sections will have a matching leaf design.

 I put a circle inside the knot but ended up taking it out.  It was really had to get that thing centered.

 There are 3 circles between each of the square Celtic knots.  I haven't decided what to do there yet.  I did order a special curved cross hatching ruler from the Quilter's Apothecary.  Might try it out and see what works.

In the meantime, I need to finish 1 more of the green rows and 2 purple.  Then this will have to come off so I can work on customer quilts.

Happy Quilting!